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Anyalight2-247x300[1]What is it that makes you feel alive and passionate about your life? Are you energized and engaged and fulfilled in your life? What would it take to tap into something that’s bigger within yourself, a bolder and more courageous expression of you that’s authentic and alive, connected and fulfilled?

Your personal transformation begins with your commitment to your well-being and fulfillment. Are you ready for extraordinary results in your life, transforming your life to experience your extraordinary love relationship, your fulfilling career and service to others, the wealth and abundance that is your divine birthright?

Contact Anya for a free Discovery Session to discover how Thrive Alignment sessions can support your personal transformation and highest potential.

Imagine, what would it be like for you to powerfully ~

  • Release and remove inner obstacles and limitations to manifesting your goals and fulfilling your dreams
  • Resolve inner conflict, heal old wounds and past grievances that hinder healthy, loving relationships
  • Align with true Authentic power and its expression, knowing your true Divine Purpose with deepened higher source awareness
  • Integrate all levels of your Being ~Mind, Body, and Spirit~ for unshakable Well Being and Inner Peace
  • Create sacred, nurturing and energetically supportive living and working spaces

As your Thrive Alignment™ Life Coach, Anya uses an integrated program of transformational modalities to support you on your Thrive Alignment™ journey. She creates a coaching package specifically for your needs to support your inner transformation, offering the “therapy for the soul” you are seeking, to heal old wounds and release limiting core beliefs, to transform your relationships, and to ultimately, manifest the life of your dreams.

Thrive Alignment™ Life Coaching offers you alignment with your Greatest Potential through NLP, Reiki, Yoga, Holographic sound, and guided meditation and hypnosis for body and breath awareness and limiting core belief shifting, engaging and shifting your personal field of energy, raising your vibration; as well as offers powerful clearing, igniting and aligning the energy of your environment with Feng Shui–addressing both your inner and outer worlds–where you are powerfully supported to be Healthy, Abundant and Thriving in your relationships and all aspects of Extraordinary living.

My clients often ask me questions like… “Anya, how can I experience more of what I want to experience? How can I have a better relationship? Or, attract a more authentic relationship? Why do I get so upset, and how can I control my emotions and heal? How can I heal my body? How can I leave my job and pursue my dreams? How can I have more money and abundance? I feel stuck and miserable, how can I move past this, be more creative, inspired, productive, etc….”

So often it’s limiting beliefs that get in the way of success in all areas of our lives. Limiting beliefs shape our old habits and thought patterns and keep us in a particular way of being and doing, and we see life from a limited perspective, missing opportunities, feeling burnt out and stressed from struggling with trying to change habits by will power alone. I assist my clients with shifting limiting core beliefs that are neurologically held within, to transform and open their perception to new ways of being and inspiration naturally arising within. Natural shifts and changes occur in my client’s experience from our work together that are profound and life transforming in all areas of life, relationships, money, career, health and well being, authentic being and expression, etc.

We are also neurologically wired to our environments and affected by the energy of our environments. When we make changes in our homes, we feel their effect internally, which affects our lives externally. Having good Feng Shui in our homes and offices, ultimately supports our success in all areas of our lives.

As you discover who you truly are, look for each sign of your unveiling freedom, your imminent and ever-present abundance; this is the infinite moment where your divine perfection unveils and reveals Self in luminous grace and power. ~Anya

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