Your Thrive Alignment begins here…


Do you believe it’s possible to thrive and not just survive? Are you feeling blocked, in a rut and not moving forward? Are you feeling a sense of loss, dis-empowerment and fear…or experiencing a life transition or crisis and needing support? Would you like to acquire new life skills to help empower yourself and your relationships now? Would you like to live your life more authentically and pursue your true life’s purpose?


Imagine, what would it be like for you to powerfully ~

  • Release and remove inner obstacles and limitations to manifesting your goals and fulfilling your dreams
  • Resolve inner conflict, heal old wounds and past grievances that hinder healthy, loving relationships
  • Align with true Authentic power and its expression, knowing your true Divine Purpose with deepened higher source awareness
  • Integrate all levels of your Being ~Mind, Body, and Spirit~ for unshakable Well Being and Inner Peace
  • Create sacred, nurturing and energetically supportive living and working spaces

Thrive Alignment™ Life Coaching offers you alignment with your Greatest Potential by working with your personal energy and the energy of your environment–your inner and outer worlds–where you are powerfully supported to be Healthy, Abundant and Thriving in your relationships and all aspects of Extraordinary living.

As your Thrive Alignment™ Life Coaches, Anya and Charles use an integrated program of transformational modalities to support you on your Thrive Alignment™ journey. They create a coaching package specifically for your needs to support your inner transformation, offering the “therapy for the soul” you are seeking, to heal old wounds and release limiting core beliefs, to transform your relationships, and to manifest a life of your dreams.

Thrive Alignment™ Coaching is results-oriented, beginning with a focus on the current situation and your desired outcome, opening you to new possibility and potential for your future. Whereas conventional counseling focuses on helping people to live functional lives, Thrive Alignment Coaching™ focuses on helping functional people live extraordinary lives!

Your personal transformation begins with your commitment to your personal well-being. Contact us for a free Discovery Session to discover how Thrive Alignment sessions can support you in your personal journey.

As you discover who you truly are, look for each sign of your unveiling freedom, your imminent and ever-present abundance; this is the infinite moment where your divine perfection unveils and reveals Self in luminous grace and power. ~Anya & Charles

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