About Anya

As your Thrive Alignment™ Life Coach, Anya offers personal and couples/relationship coaching, transformational and spiritual guidance and energetic support for shifting limiting beliefs, supporting body-mind-spirit awareness and integration leading to a profound experience of greater well being, healing and wholeness. She also works with clients to create sacred, energetically supportive living and working spaces.

For over a decade Anya has offered her Transformational Coaching and Spiritual Mentorship. She is a Nondenominational Ordained Minister, a certified Interior Alignment and BTB (Black Hat Sect Tantric Tibetan) Feng Shui Master, a certified Holographic Sound Healer and an Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master practitioner, a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Angelic Reiki™ Professional Practitioner and a certified Pranic healer; as well as a certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga instructor. She has studied and practiced sacred, spiritual traditions of both western and eastern influence, including Shamanism since 1987 and worked with Ascended Master teachings since 2006 and channels their healing energies. She intuitively works with crystals and crystal grids for sacred ceremonies and energetically supportive environments to support healing, wholeness and abundance.

Anya facilitates group meditation, feng shui, yoga and sound healing workshops in addition to her personal coaching and consulting services.

Oneness Blessing with Sri BhagavanAs student of AmmaBhagvan and Sai Baba, Anya also joyously offers the divine Deeksha energy Oneness Blessing as a powerful part of her transformational and spiritual consulting practice.


Life before Transformational Coaching…

From very early on in my life, I’ve had mystical experiences that kept me in touch with realms beyond this realm that have challenged me to keep myself grounded and focused in this realm. Despite this challenge, I was fortunate to have a strong mental body as it enabled me to function and succeed in this realm, ultimately achieving my Master’s degree and having a successful career teaching and coaching others toward their own success, which has always been my passion.

Before becoming a full-time Transformation Coach, I consulted in the High Tech Industry for over a decade as a Communications Specialist, supporting technical teams with marketing communications and training world-wide, including coaching individuals on effective communications strategies and team building. I had been a Visiting Professor of Linguistics and English at Hallym University in South Korea also, assisting with the University’s Foreign Language Department curriculum development prior to my work in the High Tech Industry.

All throughout my early career, I was intuitively drawn to study the Esoteric Sciences and pursued my study of Feng Shui and Energy Healing Arts. My love of linguistics and understanding Human motivation and expression led me to other Energetic arts, NLP, Yoga, and ultimately on a deeper path of spiritual quest, seeking to discover my true purpose and the ultimate truth of my Beingness. In my personal quest, I dove into spiritual teachings from the East and the West, traveling to India, Thailand and Ireland for spiritually deepening experiences that not only completely shifted my perspective, but shifted and opened a deeper aspect of my Being, opening me to deep self revelation and to the true calling of my soul.

My life completely transformed after these experiences, as I could no longer live up to the false self who created my life at the time and all the egoic trappings of that life. This transformation was not easy and it took me time to find my footing, experiencing painful shifts and changes in my life. My corporate contract of 7 1/2 years suddenly came to an end. My relationship/partnership of 9 years broke apart. I sold my house and moved to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado where I was able to integrate these intense inner plane shifts and my world transforming before me.

After my initial time of intense spiritual realization and integration, I began to create my life anew, knowing that I was to offer much more to life from a deeper space of conscious awareness and inner integrity in alignment with my authentic being and higher self and soul purpose. My Transformational Coaching practice began naturally as an unfoldment and a true expression of my Being. And it is my true joy to offer this expression to others who are ready for a greater awareness and opening to who they truly are, shedding the layers and levels of false self to experience true identity and authentic soul expression and purpose.


There is only a constant now, not a beginning and an end. All that exists is a constant transformation of energy, a deepening of awareness, an evolution in beingness and experience in this moment. Only this. So, stay centered and present in whatever you are doing…the next task will reveal itself as an unfolding, an offering from the universe, a gift of engagement, energy exchange and delight. Let these unfoldments fill you as the love they are, expressing as you express the love you are, in your Being, and your doing. ~Anya