Personal & Relationship Coaching and Healing Sessions

hand with lotus flowerAre you ready to Thrive and live your most powerful expression of you? Contact Anya to get started on your Thrive Alignment journey of deep healing, powerful renewal and pure soul discovery that leads to your success, to your true freedom and joy, to your ultimate Thrive Alignment!

We begin with a free 30 minute Discovery Session call~ Your free Discovery Session establishes the intention and focus for your personal Thrive Alignment™ Sessions, identifying if this program is right for you. This Discovery session is also available to set up a Feng Shui consultation. Thrive Alignment™ coaching and energy healing sessions are available by phone and via Skype.

Personal Healing and Coaching Sessions

Ultimate Transformation occurs over time as we integrate powerful, new information, higher energies and neurological shifts that result in release of limiting core beliefs. Integration is key to our embodiment of a transformed way of being, of seeing and engaging others, of producing from a new level of personal operation as we authentically open to who we truly are.

To create a personal Ultimate Transformation™ coaching package of transformative healing and coaching sessions specifically for your Thrive Alignment, you work Anya outlining your specific goals for your personal transformation, manifesting the life you are here to purposefully, powerfully and joyfully live with Divine grace and ease. Your transformation begins once you commit to this ultimate journey.

What does your Ultimate Transformation™ coaching package look and feel like…?

You have an initial conversation with Anya about what your needs are, where you are in your life’s journey, acknowledging the awareness within that is awakening and growing, and what you are experiencing in your world that seems in-congruent and to contradict this growing awareness within you. From here, you sense into longings that are arising, longings for more Self awareness and recognition of personal potential, deepening authenticity in self expression and in relationships with others, greater success in life based on authentic self expression and your true purpose. This journey begins with Self, deepening here, then journeying “out” to your “world” and what it reflects back to you,  inner wounding and shadow self, places to heal as well as integrate for your own experience of wholeness and full integrity of being. Each session has these components, 1) Awareness teachings to reflect on, 2) A review of what’s happening with self and ‘other’ (those in your environment who seem to influence you, your use of personal power, trigger old pain), and 3) A healing process and/or guided meditation to assist deepening and embodying new and greater awareness within.

A lot goes on in these sessions. They are powerful and transformational, and they open doors that previously appeared to be closed or non-existent. This journey happens overtime to allow the integration of the healing and embodied, integrated awareness to occur. Your life will transform with your conscious awareness opened, deepened and broadened. You will not react and behave in habitual, self-sabotaging ways you have known in the past.

Contact Anya for your free discovery session, to see if the Ultimate Transformation™ package is right for you, and to set up the appointment times for your sessions with Anya, given your schedule and your Ultimate Transformation goals.

Personal Thrive Alignment™ Sessions

These sessions focus on shifting limiting beliefs and clearing personal blocks to manifesting, transforming your inner life to align with your core purpose and desired intentions for your Thrive Alignment, your desired transformation, manifestation and ultimate well being. Contact Anya for details.

Holographic Sound Healing Session

This session focuses on shifting, balancing and raising your energy and vibrational resonance, which releases energetic blocks and clears personal obstacles to health, well being and wholeness.

Angelic Reiki™ Healing Session

This session focuses on shifting, balancing and raising your energy and vibrational resonance with the very powerful and transformative Angelic Reiki, invoking the ArchAngelic realms and the Ascended Masters to balance the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, releasing energetic blocks and clearing personal obstacles to health, well being and wholeness. These sessions are done remotely. Contact Anya for more information.

Aura and Chakra Cleanse

This session focuses on clearing and releasing any energetic blockages in the seven levels of the Aura, which are mapped to the 7 chakras of the body. The chakras are cleansed, activated and aligned in during this session, which results in more clarity and focus, more energy and aliveness, more emotional stability and physical ease and healing. Our auras are constantly shifting and adapting to our environments to protect us and to project our energy frequency and signature. A Healthy aura brings us healthy relationships, abundance and vibrant health. If you are experiencing, drama and emotional upset, a lack of abundance or physical distress, Cleansing your aura will shift your energy field to bring you physical ease, emotional comfort and peace within, and you will attract opportunities, prosperity and abundance to support you.

Thrive Alignment Sessions

We can consciously bestow a sacred energy on everything we do, what we say to others and choices we make…and value our listening of another as sacred, a precious gift of spirit. ~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~